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Kintyre Songwriter's Festival - Friday 1st June - Sunday 3rd June 2012

The dates for this year's festival have been finalised, and the fifth Songwriters Festival will kick off on Friday the 1st June and end with a no-doubt fantastic finale on Sunday 3rd June 2012.  If last year's festival is anything to go by, then this year's festival will be an absolute cracker!  This year's festival has been moved a week to fall in with the extended public holiday.  Please use this website to find more information about the Festival itself, as well as how to get to Campbeltown. You can also use this website to register to perform.  

Click here to visit the Kintyre Songwriter's Festival website now.

What you can look forward to...

This year's festival promises to be just as good - if not better - than the fantastic inaugural event in 2008. This year we will be organising some more activities throughout the weekend, so if you're up for it, we've got a fantastic weekend lined up for you! (Just make sure the performers are fit enough to play all weekend!)

About the festival

The idea for a songwriter's festival was conjured up by Kenneth Gilchrist and Ross MacInness. The idea was to bring together the talent from Kintyre in a relaxed environment where they could perform their songs to a likeminded audience.

Unfortunately, Kenneth's death meant that the planning of the festival had to be taken on by a group of friends and family who wished his festival to come to fruition. We hope he would be proud of the event, and we hope that you will join us in celebrating his songs, love and laughter.

The Ultrawarrior Wroes Melons From Space rehearse Kenny Gilchrist's Lager Sinatra -

Click here to visit the Kintyre Songwriter's Festival website now.

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