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Local piper Lorne meets the stars!

Campbeltown born piper Lorne Cousin recently performed at the US Library of Congress in Washington the night of President Obama's Address to Congress.  The event was organised and led by the Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond and attended by Sir Sean Connery.  Also performing were singer Sandi Thom and Margaret Bennett.  The event was attended by about 30 US Senators and Congressmen including Senate Majority leader Harry Reid and Senator John McCain's campaign manager Senator Lindsay Graham,all of whom are of Scottish descent. 

The Senators and Congressmen then had to rush off to Congress next door for the President's speech.

Lorne said "It was a great honour to perform on such an historic occasion. President Obama was only next door so I hope he heard the pipes!  One of the Senator's wives said to me "How does it feel to be the second most popular man in the room!" (Sir Sean Connery was there at the time).

Lorne now plays in the band DRAM! and has now released our album Done Deed on itunes (search for DRAM!). DRAM! performed recently in Hollywood and and Dannii Minogue came specially to hear them play!  She, Madonna and Jackie Collins are now fans of DRAM!

Here are some photos Lorne sent us.




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