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Matthew Turner wins another race at this year's Southend Highland Games

Saturday 25th July 2009 - Southend Highland Games

A large crowd enjoyed the Southend Highland Games on Saturday 25th Jul 2009 at Southend Community Playing Fields,  Below you will see the results of the games and some photos.

Results for Southend Highland Games

Carskiey Cup     Alastair Glen
Junior Cup -          Peter McKerral
Kevin Scally Cup -  Mathew Turner
Open Cup - a tie    Scott Clarke and Mathew Turner

Girls  Race Under 6              1st Niamh McEachran  2nd  Erin Jordan  3rd Iona Renton

Boys  Race Under 6             1st Fraser McBrayne    2nd Gregor Campbell 3rd Mathew Laing

Girls Race Under 8               1st Ruth Turner  2nd Cara Smith 3rd Kathryn Semple

Boys Race Under 8              1st Jamie McKerral 2nd Daniel Johnstone 3rd Craig Ross

Girls Race Under 10             1st Shona Ross 2nd Ashleigh Connor 3rd Jenny Semple

Boys Race Under 10            1st Arran Ball  2nd Grant McKendrick 3rd Kieran McVay

Girls Race Under 12             1st Mairi Barbour 2nd Kate Cameron  3rd Shona Ross

Buys Race Under 12            1st Jack McEachran 2nd Callum Docherty 3rd Sam Ferguson

Girls Race Under 14             1stClaire Greenlees 2nd Jennifer Blair 3rd Susie Blair

Boys Race Under 14            1st Stewart McBrayne 2nd Donald McCallum 3rd Keneth Mathiseson

Girls Under 6 Sack Race      1st Niamh McEachran 2nd Erin Jordan 3rd Chloe Gillespie

Boys Under 6 Sack Race     1st Fraser McBrayne, 2nd Gregor Campbell 3rd Connor Houston

Girls Under 8 Sack Race      1st Ruth Turner 2nd Catriona McSporran 3rd Kathryn Semple

Boys Under 8 Sack Race     1st Daniel Johnstone 2nd Cameron Campbell 3rd James Ward

Girls Under 10 Sack Race    1st Shona Ross 2nd Ashleigh Conner 3rd Jenny Semple

Boys Under 10 Sack Race 1st Jack Anderson 2nd Callum Docherty 3rd Craig Ross

Girls Under 12 Sack Race    1st Kate cameron 2nd Mairi Barbour 3rd Lauren McCormack

Boys Under 12 Sack Race   1st Mark Mckinnon 2nd Jack Anderson 3rd Stewart O’May

Girls Under 14 Sack Race  1st Jennifer Blair 2nd Ailsa Smith 3rd Catriona McLellan

Boys  Under 14 Sack Race 1st Mark McKinnon 2nd Donald McPherson 3rd Jack McEachran

Mother and toddler piggy back

1st            Mairi McCorkindale and Jake

2nd           Jennifer Blair and Niamh

3rd            Milo Ingram and Moya

3 legged races

Girls Under 6         1st Eve McMillan and Lisa McKellar

                          2nd Haley and Erin Jordan

                          3rd Niamh McEAchran and Iona Renton

Boys Under 6        1st Fraser McBrayne and Charles Turner

                         2nd Ewan O’May and Jamie Martin

                         3rd Andrew Semple and Scott Omzin

Girls Under 8         1st Ruth Turner and Amy Ball

                          2nd  Rebecca Semple and Hannah Omzin

                          3rd Rona Omzin and Jodie Robertson

Boys Under 8        1st David O’Neil and David Johnstone

                          2nd Millar Irwin and Jack McEachran

                          3rd Christopher Thompson and Craig Ross

Girls under 10        1st Linsey Cameron and Aile Anderson

                          2nd  Jenny Semple and Eva McLatchie

                          3rd Ashleigh Conner and Katy McPherson

Boys Under 10      1st Charles Turner and Aran Ball

                         2nd  Calum Ross and Stuart O’May

                         3rd Stewart Gillies and Grant McEndrick

Girls Under 12       1st Kate Cameron and Sarah Bateman

                          2nd  Natasha Allen and Laura McCormick

                          3rd  Lucy Ross and ?? Sorry!

Boys under 12      1st Ryan Deans and Sam Ferguson

                         2nd  Donnie McKerral and Ruari Milloy

                         3rd Jack Anderson and Donald McCallum

Girls Under 14       1st  Carlyn and Ashleigh Mcmillan

                         2nd  Kate Cameron and Sarah Bateman

                         3rd Hilary Clydesdale and Catriona McClelland

Boys Under 14      1st Ryan Deans and Sam Ferguson

                         2nd  Ruari Milloy and Donnie McKerral

                         3rd Stuart McBrayne and Donald McCallum.



1st Scott Clarke 2nd Alastair Glen 3rd Neil McPhail

Shot Putt

1st Scott Clarke 2nd Alastair Glen 3rd Andy Martin

100 yards

1st Mathew Turner 2nd John McCAllum 3rd Craig Lamont

220 yards (Men)

1st Mathew Turner, 2nd John McCallum 3rd Gary Turner

Ladies Broom throwing

1st Inez Ronald, 2nd Jennifer Cameron 3rd Jennifer Galbraith

440 yards race

1st Mathew Turner 2nd John McCallum 3rd Gary Turner

Weight over bar

1st Scott Clark

2nd John Lawlor

3rd Alastair Glen

220 yards race (women)

1st Gillian Docherty

2nd Mairi McCorkindale

3rd Jennifer Blair

Throwing 28lb weight

1st Scott Clark

2nd Alastair Glen

3rd John Lawlor

Tossing the tyre (men)

1st John Lawlor,

2nd Peter McKerral

3rd James McAllister

Tossing the tyre (women)

1st Jennifer Galbraith

2nd Rhona McBrayne

3rd Gillian McIntyre



1st Peter mckerral

2nd James McAllister

3rd Daniel Brown

Shot Putt

1st Peter McKerral

2nd James McAllister

3rd Daniel Brown

Throwing 28lb weight

1st Peter McKerral

2nd James McAllister

3rd Gary Turner

Tossing the cabar

1st Peter McKerral

2nd James McAllister

Tossing the tyre

1st Iain Wylie

2nd Grant McKendrick

3rd Chris Arkle

Matthew Turner leads the Half Mile Race
Matthew went on to win all men's track events and win the Kevin Scally Cup and tie for the Open Cup
Under 6s Sack Race
Concentration on the line up of the Under 6s Sack Race
Final line of the under 8s Sack race
Jack Anderson leaps to win the boys under 10s Sack Race
Campbeltown Pipe Band
Peter McKerral won Throwing the 28lb weight and won four of the five Junior Heavy Events which won him the Junior Cup
Scott Clark won 4 of the 5 Senior Heavy Events and tied with Mathew Turner for the Open Cup
Mathew Turner leads John McCallum and Craig Lamont in the men's 220 yard race.
Horse and cart fun for the kids
Gary Turner
Michael McKinlay impresses judge Charlie McMillan
Neil John McPhail came third in the hammer
Peter McKerral
Scott Clark
Highland Dancing
Mairi McCorkindale and Jake race clear to win the Mother and toddler piggy back

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Healthy crowd enjoyed this year's games

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