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Photo Gallery - Photo of the week - 11th May 2009


  11th May 2009 - Lovely capture by Fraser McNair at the Gauldrons on the 27th April 2009 just at Sunset.  The Gauldrons is a costal stretch of land south of Machrihanish.  Below is some information from the following page

It seems that the original name of the bay was “Innean nan Gailleann” (Innean or Bay of Storms) and this name fits it perfectly in formation and character. Innean is an amphitheatre-shaped bay and there are several of them along this coast. The Gauldrons extends from the headland at Bun an Uisge to the South Skerry at Fionnport and has been formed by the sea wearing away the foot of the softer aqueous rocks till the upper part of the cliff fell, leaving the debris still to be seen on the beach. As the Kintyre land is gradually riding above sea level, this action has long since ceased and any downfalls are now due to weathering.

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